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Location : 505200 Negoiu St.

No. 151, Fagaras, Romania

Phone : +40 268 217 421

About us

Company created in 1998 with 100% private assets. An initial production building in 2002 of 624 m² has been increased in 2003 to 2350 m² again in 2013 to 3960 m².Actually the enterprise got over 10.000 sq. mt. industrial production platforms divided in 3 facilities. Always ready to adapt capacities to customers requirements, we approach new projects as a challenge.

A dynamic management team is supervising production through our GPD software system for a control and a permanent analyse of production. ISO 9001 certified enterprise since 2011.

We are forming and motivating our teams permanently with a triple target:

Our technical and materials resources allow us to ensure the best conditions of work for our employees.

Our permanent target in production is: zero defects. Our teams are formed to severe quality control allowing us to respect strictly the product technical specifications. All that in the spirit of respect for the human resource also with a special care of environmental protection. Our company represents a safe, clean and motivating workplace for our employees.




All our automatic stitchings on Brother and Mitsubishi automatic sewers are designed trough the specific software PS 300 B. Our office can provide the customers full conception of stitching programs in automatic version.


Any kind of cutting tool destinated to linings, heavy fabrics or leather can be built inside our mechanical department. Our bending, welding, milling machines allow us to build different types of cutting tools at request.


Our capability to produce any clamps or clamping systems, grant us the autonomy to implement and adapt quickly any automatic pattern stitching. Special CNC milling machines produce the clamping tools in fiberglass resin, hard aluminium or staniless steel.